Monday, July 13, 2015

Packing Breakables

We're moving! As our apartment is quickly filling with boxes, I thought I would share my techniques for packing breakable items for an out-of-state move. This is our FOURTH out of state move in six years! All of the items in the picture were packed in one box along with 6 picture frames and two small photo albums.

There are two items I find very important for packing these items are packing foam and Packing Paper. I linked to the packing paper I've used for our last two moves. The pack of 120 sheets is typically enough for packing nearly all of my breakables and picture frames.

To start, tape the bottom of the box shut and place it on top of the foam. Cut two strips the width of the box to line the sides, like this:

For each vase and other breakable, I wrap them first with packing paper, then secure with a layer of foam. Make sure the foam is taped flat on the bottom so that the items can sit upright in the box.

For smaller items, place on opposite sides of the packing paper. Roll towards the center and wrap the ends like a burrito. Tape shut. I placed it in a plastic bag to keep it from rolling around in the box:

For picture frames, place tape across the glass. This helps keep the glass from breaking -- and if it does break, it keeps the glass of completely shattering. Finish by wrapping the frame with packing paper to prevent the frame from being scratched.

When packing breakables fill the box to prevent items from moving in transit. Empty spaces can be filled with crumpled packing paper.

Here's what the box looked like partially packed. Place frames on their side to prevent pressure being placed on the glass. 

Place the lightest items on the top to fill the box. I had silk flowers in two of the vases, which I used to fill the remaining space. And tape shut!

Make sure to label the boxes! Clearly mark FRAGILE on the top and the sides.

That's it! We're planning a new series to roll out while we are in the middle of the moving process. There are also a few new posts in the works for the Summer Reading series.

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