Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Preliminary Results

I've heard back from the nurse at the reproductive endocrinologist's office. My prolactin level is in the normal range!! This is great news. TSH level also looked good. She told me everything else was normal.

I also received news that my blood sample was received by the genetic testing lab. I'm hopeful we will have those results back by next week.

I need to get in touch with my insurance company to schedule a repeat MRI to verify that the prolactinoma on my pituitary gland is actually gone.

I'm feeling anxious about my ultrasound and wish that I did not have to wait until September for the results. I've been reading some about "diminished ovarian reserve" and worry about the health of my ovaries. Everything looked fine in my initial ultrasound back in the fall of 2015, so I think I'm worrying over nothing.

I have recently found some interesting podcasts and a few others resources about infertility. It helps to know that others go through the same things we're going through.

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