Saturday, April 2, 2016

Halfway through the 6-month race...

The word "Infertility."

Typically for a woman under 35, you have to have 12 months of trying unsuccessfully to conceive before you're officially classified as experiencing "infertility."

Given our unique situation of me being diagnosed with hyperprolactinemia, secondary to a microprolactinoma, before confirmation of infertility it was suggested by the reproductive endocrinologist to use the more stringent criteria typically reserved for women 35 and older. Instead of a 12-month mark, we're using a 6-month mark. 180 days, instead of 360.

I have officially been on the cabergoline for 2 months. It does appear to have shortened my cycles a bit. For the entire year of 2015, my average cycle length was 55 days. So far for 2016, my average cycle length is 38 days. Technically, cycles over 45 days are "abnormal," so the cabergoline shortened my cycles from "abnormal" to "normal."

Hoping for some more progress before June. If we have not conceived successfully in 3 more cycles, we officially move into the territory of infertility classification. At that point, it is likely that the reproductive endocrinologist will suggest more aggressive treatment and testing is warranted.

3 more months...

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