Thursday, February 18, 2016

Recent Reads

A selection of blog posts I read over the last week.
  • Organizing Our Home Office from Young House Love. I've followed Young House Love for some time now and I love how they blend great style with functionality. I am currently considering how to make my desk space more functional -- would love for it to be this gorgeous!
  • Co-Sleeping, You Are Not the One from The Random Adventures of Geek Dad. This is a newer parenting blog I recently discovered. Co-sleeping is definitely a hot parenting topic right now and something we haven't made a decision on, yet. Blogger Alex shows how they modified their bedroom setup to accommodate a crib next to the bed.
  • Love is a verb. from Coffee + Crumbs. Ashlee, a mom of two, talks about how the addition of a second baby really made co-parenting with her partner more difficult. We have started discussing how the addition of a third member of our family will be different, but know we will have no appreciation of how much that will change our relationship and marriage after a baby (+sleep deprivation, stress). 

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